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(0040,A160) >Text Value
This is the Value component of a Name/Value pair when the Concept implied by Concept Name Code Sequence (0040,A043) is a Text Observation Value. Required if Date (0040,A121), Time (0040,A122), and Person Name (0040,A123) do not fully describe the concept specified by Concept Name Code Sequence (0040,A043). Shall not be present otherwise. ACQUISITION CONTEXT MODULE ATTRIBUTES
(0040,A160) Text Value
This is the value of the Content Item. Required if Value Type (0040,A040) is TEXT. Text data which is unformatted and whose manner of display is implementation dependent. The text value may contain spaces as well as multiple lines separated by either LF CR CR LF or LF CR but otherwise no format control characters (such as horizontal or vertical tab and form feed) shall be present even if permitted by the Value Representation of UT. The text shall be interpreted as specified by Specific Character Set (0008,0005) if present in the SOP Common Module. Note: The text may contain single or multi-byte characters and use code extension techniques as described in PS 3.5 if permitted by the values of Specific Character Set (0008,0005). DOCUMENT CONTENT MACRO ATTRIBUTES