Tag Attribute Type Description
(0020,0022)Overlay Number2 A number that identifies this Overlay.
(0008,0024)Overlay Date3 The date the Overlay was created.
(0008,0034)Overlay Time3 The time the Overlay was created.
(0008,1140)Referenced Image Sequence3 A Sequence which provides reference to a set of Image SOP Class/Instance pairs. Uniquely identifies the images significantly related to this overlay. One or more Items may be included in this Sequence.
(0008,1150)>Referenced SOP Class UID1C Uniquely identifies the referenced SOP Class. Required if Referenced Image Sequence (0008,1140) is sent.
(0008,1155)>Referenced SOP Instance UID1C Uniquely identifies the referenced SOP Instance. Required if Reference Image Sequence (0008,1140) is sent.

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