Tag Attribute Type Description
(50xx,0005)Curve Dimensions1 Number of dimensions for these data. The dimensions may be any number from 1 to n. See C. for specialization.
(50xx,0020)Type of Data1 Type of data in this curve. See C. for specialization of Defined Terms.
(50xx,3000)Curve Data1 Curve data. See C. and C. for further explanation.
(50xx,0030)Axis Units1 Units of measure for the axes. See C. for specialization of Defined Terms.
(0054,1401)Dead Time Correction Flag1C Dead time correction has been applied to Curve Data (50xx,3000). Required if Type of Data (50xx,0020) is BLDSMPL. Enumerated Values: Y = yes N = no
(0054,1400)Counts Included2C Type of counts included in this count rate data. Enumerated Values: TRUES SCATTER RANDOMS SINGLES Required if Axis Units (50xx,0030) contains CPS or CNTS.
(0018,5020)Processing Function3 A textual description of the processing that has been applied to this curve. (e.g. smoothing, time interpolation)

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