Tag Attribute Type Description
(0018,1080)Beat Rejection Flag2 Heart beat duration sorting has been applied. Enumerated values: Y = yes N = no
(0018,1061)Trigger Source or Type3 Text indicating trigger source. Defined terms: EKG
(0018,1085)PVC Rejection3 Description of the type of PVC rejection criteria used.
(0018,1086)Skip Beats3 Number of beats skipped after a detected arrhythmia.
(0018,1088)Heart Rate3 Average number of heart beats per minute for the collection period for this image. This shall include all accepted beats as well as rejected beats.
(0018,1064)Framing Type3 Description of type of framing performed. Defined Terms: FORW = forward BACK = backward PCNT = forward/backward by percentage

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