Tag Attribute Type Description
(0008,0008)Image Type1 Image identification characteristics. See C. for specialization.
(0028,0002)Samples per Pixel1 Number of samples (planes) in this image. See C. for specialization.
(0028,0004)Photometric Interpretation1 Specifies the intended interpretation of the pixel data. See C. for specialization.
(0028,0100)Bits Allocated1 Number of bits allocated for each pixel sample. Each sample shall have the same number of bits allocated. See C. for specialization.
(0018,0020)Scanning Sequence1 Description of the type of data taken. Enumerated Values: SE = Spin Echo IR = Inversion Recovery GR = Gradient Recalled EP = Echo Planar RM = Research Mode Note: Multi-valued, but not all combinations are valid (e.g. SE/GR, etc.).
(0018,0021)Sequence Variant1 Variant of the Scanning Sequence. Defined Terms: SK = segmented k-space MTC = magnetization transfer contrast SS = steady state TRSS = time reversed steady state SP = spoiled MP = MAG prepared OSP = oversampling phase NONE = no sequence variant
(0018,0022)Scan Options2 Parameters of scanning sequence. Defined Terms: PER = Phase Encode Reordering RG = Respiratory Gating CG = Cardiac Gating PPG = Peripheral Pulse Gating FC = Flow Compensation PFF = Partial Fourier - Frequency PFP = Partial Fourier - Phase SP = Spatial Presaturation FS = Fat Saturation
(0018,0023)MR Acquisition Type2 Identification of data encoding scheme. Enumerated Values: 2D = frequency x phase 3D = frequency x phase x phase
(0018,0080)Repetition Time2C The period of time in msec between the beginning of a pulse sequence and the beginning of the succeeding (essentially identical) pulse sequence. Required except when Scanning Sequence (0018,0020) is EP and Sequence Variant (0018,0021) is not SK.
(0018,0081)Echo Time2 Time in ms between the middle of the excitation pulse and the peak of the echo produced (kx=0). In the case of segmented k-space, the TE(eff) is the time between the middle of the excitation pulse to the peak of the echo that is used to cover the center of k-space (i.e.-kx=0, ky=0).
(0018,0091)Echo Train Length2 Number of lines in k-space acquired per excitation per image.
(0018,0082)Inversion Time2C Time in msec after the middle of inverting RF pulse to middle of excitation pulse to detect the amount of longitudinal magnetization. Required if Scanning Sequence (0018,0020) has values of IR.
(0018,1060)Trigger Time2C Time, in msec, between peak of the R wave and the peak of the echo produced. In the case of segmented k-space, the TE(eff) is the time between the peak of the echo that is used to cover the center of k-space. Required for Scan Options (0018,0022) which include heart gating (e.g. CG, PPG, etc.)
(0018,0024)Sequence Name3 User defined name for the Scanning Sequence (0018,0020) and Sequence Variant (0018,0021) combination.
(0018,0025)Angio Flag3 Angio Image Indicator. Primary image for Angio processing. Enumerated Values: Y = Image is Angio N = Image is not Angio
(0018,0083)Number of Averages3 Number of times a given pulse sequence is repeated before any parameter is changed
(0018,0084)Imaging Frequency3 Precession frequency in MHz of the nucleus being addressed
(0018,0085)Imaged Nucleus3 Nucleus that is resonant at the imaging frequency. Examples: 31P, 1H
(0018,0086)Echo Number3 The echo number used in generating this image. In the case of segmented k-space, it is the effective Echo Number.
(0018,0087)Magnetic Field Strength3 Nominal field strength of MR magnet, in Tesla
(0018,0088)Spacing Between Slices3 Spacing between slices, in mm. The spacing is measured from the center-to-center of each slice.
(0018,0089)Number of Phase Encoding Steps3 Total number of lines in k-space in the 'y' direction collected during acquisition.
(0018,0093)Percent Sampling3 Fraction of acquisition matrix lines acquired, expressed as a percent.
(0018,0094)Percent Phase Field of View3 Ratio of field of view dimension in phase direction to field of view dimension in frequency direction, expressed as a percent.
(0018,0095)Pixel Bandwidth3 Reciprocal of the total sampling period, in hertz per pixel.
(0018,1062)Nominal Interval3 Average R-R interval used for the scans, in msec
(0018,1080)Beat Rejection Flag3 Beat length sorting has been applied. Enumerated Values: Y = yes N = No
(0018,1081)Low R-R Value3 R-R interval low limit for beat rejection, in msec
(0018,1082)High R-R Value3 R-R interval high limit for beat rejection, in msec
(0018,1083)Intervals Acquired3 Number of R-R intervals acquired.
(0018,1084)Intervals Rejected3 Number of R-R intervals rejected.
(0018,1085)PVC Rejection3 Description of type of PVC rejection criteria used.
(0018,1086)Skip Beats3 Number of beats skipped after a detected arrhythmia.
(0018,1088)Heart Rate3 Beats per minute.
(0018,1090)Cardiac Number of Images3 Number of images per cardiac cycle.
(0018,1094)Trigger Window3 Percent of R-R interval, based on Heart
(0018,1088)Rate prescribed as a window for a valid/usable trigger.
(0018,1100)Reconstruction Diameter3 Diameter in mm. of the region from within which data were used in creating the reconstruction of the image. Data may exist outside this region and portions of the patient may exist outside this region.
(0018,1250)Receive Coil Name3 Receive coil used.
(0018,1251)Transmi Coil Name3 Transmit coil used.
(0018,1310)Acquisition Matrix3 Dimensions of the acquired frequency /phase data before reconstruction. Multi-valued: frequency rows\frequency columns\phase rows\phase columns.
(0018,1312)In-plane Phase Encoding Direction3 The axis of phase encoding with respect to the image. Enumerated Values: ROW = phase encoded in rows. COL = phase encoded in columns.
(0018,1314)Flip Angle3 Steady state angle in degrees to which the magnetic vector is flipped from the magnetic vector of the primary field.
(0018,1316)SAR3 Calculated whole body Specific Absorption Rate in watts/kilogram.
(0018,1315)Variable Flip Angle Flag3 Flip angle variation applied during image acquisition. Enumerated Values: Y = yes N = no
(0018,1318)dB/dt3 The rate of change of the gradient coil magnetic flux density with time (T/s).
(0020,0100)Temporal Position Identifier3 Temporal order of a dynamic or functional set of Images.
(0020,0105)Number of Temporal Positions3 Total number of temporal positions prescribed.
(0020,0110)Temporal Resolution3 Time delta between Images in a dynamic of functional set of Images.

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