Tag Attribute Type Description
(0018,0060)KVP3 Peak kilo voltage output of the X-Ray generator used.
(0018,1151)X-Ray Tube Current3 X-Ray Tube Current in mA.
(0018,8151)X-Ray Tube Current in µA3 X-Ray Tube Current in µA.
(0018,1150)Exposure Time3 Duration of X-Ray exposure in msec.
(0018,8150)Exposure Time in µS3 Duration of X-Ray exposure in µsec.
(0018,1152)Exposure3 The exposure expressed in mAs, for example calculated from Exposure Time and X-ray Tube Current.
(0018,1153)Exposure in µAs3 The exposure expressed in µAs, for example calculated from Exposure Time and X-ray Tube Current.
(0018,7060)Exposure Control Mode3 Type of exposure control. Defined Terms: MANUAL AUTOMATIC
(0018,7062)Exposure Control Mode Description3 Text description of the mechanism of exposure control. May describe the number and type of exposure sensors or position of the sensitive area of the imaging detector.
(0018,7064)Exposure Status3 Whether the exposure was normally completed or not. Defined Terms: NORMAL ABORTED
(0018,7065)Phototimer Setting3 Nominal percentage phototimer setting, where a more positive value indicates greater exposure and a more negative value indicates less exposure.
(0018,1190)Focal Spot3 Nominal focal spot size in mm used to aquire this image.
(0018,1191)Anode Target Material3 The primary material in the anode of the X-Ray source. Defined Terms: TUNGSTEN MOLYBDENUM RHODIUM
(0018,1156)Rectification Type3 Type of rectification used in the X-Ray generator. Defined Terms: SINGLE PHASE THREE PHASE CONST POTENTIAL

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