Tag Attribute Type Description
(0008,0064)Conversion Type1 Describes the kind of image conversion. Defined Terms : DV = Digitized Video DI = Digital Interface DF = Digitized Film WSD = Workstation SD = Scanned Document SI = Scanned Image DRW = Drawing SYN = Synthetic Image
(0008,0060)Modality3 Source equipment for the image. This type definition shall override the definition in the General Series Module. See C. for Enumerated Values.
(0018,1010)Secondary Capture Device ID3 User defined identification of the device that converted the image
(0018,1016)Secondary Capture Device Manufacturer3 Manufacturer of the Secondary Capture Device
(0018,1018)Secondary Capture Device Manufacturer's Model Name3 Manufacturer's model number of the Secondary Capture Device
(0018,1019)Secondary Capture Device Software Version3 Manufacturer's designation of software version of the Secondary Capture Device
(0018,1022)Video Image Format Acquired3 Original format of the captured video image (e.g. NTSC, PAL, Videomed-H)
(0018,1023)Digital Image Format Acquired3 Additional information about digital interface used to acquire the image

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