Tag Attribute Type Description
(0008,1140)Referenced Image Sequence2 A sequence that provides reference to a set of SOP Class/Instance pairs identifying images or other composite SOP Instances used to plan the acquisition or significant related images. See Section C. for further explanation. Zero or more Items may be included in this Sequence.
(0008,1150)>Referenced SOP Class UID1 Uniquely identifies the referenced SOP Class.
(0008,1155)>Referenced SOP Instance UID1 Uniquely identifies the referenced SOP Instance.
(0008,1160)>Referenced Frame Number1C References one or more image frames of a Multi-frame Image SOP Instance, identifying which frames are significantly related to this image. Required if reference is provided to a Multi-frame SOP Instance and not all frames are referenced.
(0040,A170)>Purpose of Reference Code Sequence1 Describes the purpose for which the reference is made. See C. for further explanation.

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