Tag Attribute Type Description
(0018,1600)Shutter Shape1 Shape of the shutter defined for display. Enumerated Values are: BITMAP This Attribute shall contain one Value.
(0018,1623)Shutter Overlay Group1 Specifies the Group (60xx) of an Overlay stored within the Presentation State IOD that contains the bitmap data, as defined in the Overlay Plane Module C.9.2.
(0018,1622)Shutter Presentation Value1 The value used to replace those parts of the image occluded by the shutter, in P-Values, from a minimum of 0000H (black) up to a maximum of FFFFH (white). Note: The maximum P-Value for this Attribute may be different from the maximum P-Value from the output of the Presentation LUT, which may be less than 16 bits in depth.

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