Synchronization Module Attributes (C.7-7)

Tag Attribute Type Description
(0020,0200)Synchronization Frame of Reference UID1 UID of common synchronization environment. See C.
(0018,106A)Synchronization Trigger1 Data acquisition synchronization with external equipment Enumerated Values: SOURCE - this equipment provides synchronization channel or trigger to other equipment EXTERNAL - this equipment receives synchronization channel or trigger from other equipment PASSTHRU - this equipment receives synchronization channel or trigger and forwards it NO TRIGGER - data acquisition not synchronized by common channel or trigger
(0018,1061)Trigger Source or Type3 Specifies equipment ID of trigger source and/or type of trigger
(0018,106C)Synchronization Channel1C Identifier of waveform channel that records the synchronization channel or trigger, see C. Required if synchronization channel or trigger is encoded in a waveform in this SOP Instance
(0018,1800)Acquisition Time Synchronized1 Acquisition Datetime (0008,002A) synchronized with external time reference. Enumerated Values: Y, N See C.
(0018,1801)Time Source3 ID of equipment or system providing time reference
(0018,1802)Time Distribution Protocol3 Method of time distribution used to synchronize this equipment. Defined Terms: NTP - Network Time Protocol IRIG - InterRange Instrumentation Group GPS - Global Positioning System

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