Presentation LUT Module (C.11-4)

Tag Attribute Type Description
(2050,0010)Presentation LUT SequenceDefines a sequence of Presentation LUTs. Only a single item shall be included in this sequence.
(0028,3002)>LUT DescriptorSpecifies the format of the LUT Data in this Sequence. Required if Presentation LUT Sequence (2050,0010) is sent. See C.11.4.1 for further explanation.
(0028,3003)>LUT ExplanationFree form text explanation of the meaning of the LUT.
(0028,3006)>LUT DataLUT Data in this Sequence.
(2050,0020)Presentation LUT ShapeSpecifies pre-defined Presentation LUT shapes. Enumerated Values : IDENTITY = input to the Presentation LUT is in P-Values, no further translation is necessary. LIN OD = input to Presentation LUT is in linear optical density over the range of Min Density (2010,0120) and Max Density (2010,1030). Note: LIN OD is only defined for hardcopy devices and is not applicable to softcopy devices.

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