Tag Attribute Type Description From Table
(0040,A043)> Concept Name Code Sequence1C Code representing the fully specified name of the NUMERIC measurement or CODED concept. This sequence shall contain exactly one item. Mutually exclusive with Text Value (0070,0006).Waveform Annotation Module Attributes
(0040,A043)>Concept Name Code Sequence1C A concept that constrains the meaning of (i.e. defines the role of) the Observation Value. The “Name” component of a Name/Value pair. This sequence shall contain exactly one item. Required if a sequence item is present.ACQUISITION CONTEXT MODULE ATTRIBUTES
(0040,A043)Concept Name Code Sequence1C Code describing the concept represented by this Content Item. Also conveys the value of Document Title and section headings in documents. Only a single Item shall be permitted in this sequence. Required if Value Type (0040,A040) is TEXT or NUM or CODE or DATETIME or DATE or TIME or UIDREF or PNAME. Required if Value Type (0040,A040) is CONTAINER and a heading is present or this is the Root Content Item. Note: That is containers without headings do not require Concept Name Code Sequence Required if Value Type (0040,A040) is COMPOSITE IMAGE WAVEFORM SCOORD or TCOORD and the Purpose of Reference is conveyed in the Concept Name. See C.17.3.1 for further explanation.DOCUMENT CONTENT MACRO ATTRIBUTES

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