Tag Attribute Type Description From Table
(0008,0201)Timezone Offset From UTC3 Contains the offset from UTC to the timezone for all DA and TM Attributes present in this SOP Instance. Encoded as an ASCII string in the format “&ZZZZ”. The components of this string, from left to right, are & = “+” or “-”, and ZZZZ = Hours and Minutes of offset. Notes: 1. This encoding is the same as described in PS 3.5 for the DT Value Representation. 2. This Attribute does not apply to values with a DT Value Representation, which may contain an explicitly encoded timezone. 3. The corrected time may cross a 24 hour boundary. For example, if Local Time = 1.00 a.m. and Offset = +0200, then UTC = 11.00 p.m. (23.00) the day before. 4. The “+” sign may not be omitted. Time earlier than UTC is expressed as a negative offset. Note: For example: UTC = 5.00 a.m. Local Time = 3.00 a.m. Offset = -0200 The local timezone offset is undefined if this Attribute is absent. Contributing Equipment Sequence (0018,A001) 3 Sequence of Items containing descriptive attributes of related equipment which has contributed to the acquisition, creation or modification of the composite instance. One or more Items may be included in this Sequence. See C. for further explanation.SOP COMMON MODULE ATTRIBUTES

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