DICOM Tables


Tag Name
(0040,A504) Content Template Sequence
Template that describes the content of this Content Item. Only a single Item shall be permitted in this sequence. Required if a template was used to define the content of this Item and the template consists of a single CONTAINER with nested content and it is the outermost invocation of a set of nested templates that start with the same CONTAINER.
(0040,A730) Content Sequence
A potentially recursively nested Sequence of Items that conveys content that is the Target of Relationships with the enclosing Source Content Item. One or more Items may be included in this sequence. Required if the enclosing Content Item has relationships. Notes: 1. If this Attribute is not present then the enclosing Item is a leaf. 2. The order of Items within this Sequence is semantically significant for presentation.
(0040,A010) >Relationship Type
The type of relationship between the (enclosing) Source Content Item and the Target Content Item. IODs specify additional constraints on Relationships (including lists of Enumerated Values). Defined Terms: CONTAINS HAS PROPERTIES HAS OBS CONTEXT HAS ACQ CONTEXT INFERRED FROM SELECTED FROM HAS CONCEPT MOD
(0040,DB73) >Referenced Content Item Identifier
An ordered set of one or more integers that uniquely identifies the Target Content Item of the relationship. The root Content Item is referenced by a single value of 1. Each subsequent integer represents an ordinal position of a Content Item in the Content Sequence (0040,A730) in which it belongs. The Referenced Content Item Identifier is the set of these ordinal positions along the by-value relationship path. The number of values in this Multi-Value Attribute is exactly the number of relationships traversed in the SR content tree plus one. Note: 1. See example in note below table. 2. Content Items are ordered in a Content Sequence starting from 1 as defined in VR of SQ (See PS 3.5). Required if the Target Content Item is denoted by-reference i.e. the Document Relationship Macro and Document Content Macro are not included. Shall not be present if Relationship Type (0040,A010) is CONTAINS.