DICOM Tables


Tag Name
(0070,0060) Graphic Layer Sequence
A sequence of Items each of which represents a single layer in which overlays, curves, graphics or text may be rendered. An Item is required for each layer referenced from the Graphic Annotation Module or the Overlay/Curve Activation Module.
(0070,0002) >Graphic Layer
A string which identifies the layer. Note: This identifier may be used by other Attributes within the same presentation state instance to reference this layer. There is no requirement for the same identifiers to be used in different presentation states, and there is no mechanism for referencing layers in other presentation states. That is, a UID is not required.
(0070,0062) >Graphic Layer Order
An integer indicating the order in which it is recommended that the layer be rendered, if the display is capable of distinguishing. Lower numbered layers are to be rendered first.
(0070,0066) >Graphic Layer Recommended Display Grayscale Value
A default single gray unsigned value in which it is recommended that the layer be rendered on a monochrome display. The units are specified in P-Values from a minimum of 0000H (black) up to a maximum of FFFFH (white). Note: The maximum P-Value for this Attribute may be different from the maximum P-Value from the output of the Presentation LUT, which may be less than 16 bits in depth.
(0070,0067) >Graphic Layer Recommended Display RGB Value
A triplet of unsigned RGB values in which it is recommended that the layer be rendered on a color display. The minimum intensity displayable is specified as 0000H\0000H\0000H (black) and the maximum intensity displayable as FFFFH\FFFFH\FFFFH (white).
(0070,0068) >Graphic Layer Description
A free text description of the contents of this layer.